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Fate may have introduced you, but it’s not a good day-of management tool for your dream wedding execution. After all you've invested in planning isn't it worth getting a top event coordinator to make sure it happens like you envisioned?  Call Rev Pam and she will assure your special day will come off without a hitch. Don't leave this to chance. Make sure your day goes according to YOUR plan – Call or Text The Rev Today 773-307-2128 and see if your date is available. Or eMail:

Day-Of Coordinator for Weddings, Social and Corporate Events

By Pam Magnuson

One Click To Plan Your Wedding. If You Hire the Rev in any capacity, these partners will give you a discount.  Rev Pam's Clients can go down the list and plan their own wedding entirely from this one page.​ The Rev Can Assist Your Wedding with:

Day-Of Coordinator - Wedding Planner - Wedding Officiant - Florist - Venue for 30

It's Your Dream Day, Enjoy It!

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Planning Your Own Wedding? 

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